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  • 2m High Deer Fence Bare Metal
  • 6ft Full Metal Deer Fencing with Wire Mesh
  • 5ft Full Metal Deer Fencing
  • Deer Fencing

Deer Fencing

We provide full metal Estate fence using the same continuous welded technique as with traditional Estate fencing. The height of deer fencing ranges from 5ft to 8ft, depending on ground conditions and the type of deer. It is built from with uprights of solid 50 x 12mm bar set in concrete at a depth of 900mm and with flat or round lower rails the number of which depends on the height of fence.



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Britannia logo

Stonebank Ironcraft Ltd will from now on be trading as Britannia Metalwork Services. The ownership has not changed, however following our purchase of Britannia Architectural Metalwork, for the sake of rationalisation, good housekeeping and presenting a clearer picture of who we are and what we do we have decided to bring the two businesses together under the name of Britannia Metalwork Services Ltd.

Both businesses will retain all of their existing employees and their specialist skills. The two divisions trading under BMS Ltd will be known as Britannia Architectural Metalwork and Britannia Fencing.

For details of Britannia Architectural metalwork please see www.britannia.uk.com

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Product Finishes

Rusty bare metal ironwork fencing

Bare Metal (BM)Paint at home or let the product weather naturally with surface rust.

Hot dip galvanised metal ironwork fencing

Hot Dip Galvanised (HDG)Silver grey in colour this weathers to a natural dull grey.

Black painted metal ironwork fencing

Painted FinishesSteel is prepared and finsihed with a coat of oxide primer and two coats of semi gloss enamel.